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Welcome to Cavenagh

Bringing positive change to people's lives


Cavenagh provides immediate access to a full range of Psychological Support and Performance Enhancement services designed to help individuals overcome difficulty, realise their potential and become all that they can be.

Our Psychological Support services and early intervention programmes are out-patient based and reduce psychological distress to those individuals who are suffering and are proven to be highly effective, lightweight, unobtrusive, and extremely cost-effective to the organisations and individuals concerned.

Cavenagh provides direct access to qualified, experienced and security cleared Consultants throughout the UK, specialising in Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Nutrition and other proven effective therapies.

Cavenagh delivers a full end-to-end solution to psychological health issues for both adults and children enabling NHS Trusts to reduce their waiting lists and the Government and other organisations to feel safe in the knowledge that their employees and families are getting the best support, in absolute confidence.

Cavenagh enables individuals to leave negative beliefs and behaviours behind, strengthen their self-image and positive outlook in order to gain control of their lives and to achieve all that they can be.


Case Histories

Cavenagh has helped clients recover from various disorders

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