Steve, 33 year old Web Developer

Steve had built a successful career in the fast-moving technology sector. He had suffered from ADHD all his life and had experienced

a number of difficulties at school which had resulted in him having low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. Since his early twenties, Steve had developed a sex addiction that was now very powerful. It affected his whole family and none of his relationships lasted. He would sometimes have as many as four different sexual partners per week and spend 100’s of hours a month on internet sites and in chat rooms.

Steve found himself searching in vain for the ‘unobtainable partner’ and unsurprisingly, found that no intimacy, friendship or trust could be formed. His behaviour became obsessive, repetitive and habitual. Steve’s sex addiction affected his work. He would lose sleep, sometimes he was too tired and unmotivated to turn up to work. Steve had also begun binge drinking and appeared to have a deep-seated belief that he would not be alive for much longer.

He was caught in a cycle of extreme highs and lows. Cavenagh provided Steve with a Psychiatrist to help to tackle his sex addiction. It appeared that Steve’s low self-esteem was a huge part of the nature of his sex addiction. He was then referred to a Clinical Hypnotherapist, who worked directly with his unconscious mind, helping him to change his negative thought patterns and belief systems. It was clear that Steve’s ADHD made him very impulsive and unable to concentrate for long periods of time. It was also clear that something as fundamental as good nutrition could help in addressing these problems.

Steve’s therapy was successful and he found he could think much more clearly and had gained great insight into his own behaviour. He started to think more about his own health and began to plan for the future, instead of just ‘living for the moment’.

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