Rose, 38 year old Administrator

Rose was severely overweight and had built up a happy-go-lucky exterior to hide behind a strategy often used by many people in her position.

She would eat as many as eight chocolate bars a day and would often binge eat at night.


Rose had a lack of energy, was short of breath, suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and had a negative self-image. Her weight also affected her choice of job. She was undoubtedly intelligent having passed three ‘A’ levels. However her weight problem and lack of self-esteem confined her to a supermarket checkout all day. She was extremely frustrated but Rose couldn’t seem to stop the cycle of binge eating.

Rose was also single and hadn’t been in a relationship for many years. She had very low confidence and a lack of motivation when it came to finding a new partner. Despite all these issues, her intelligence still allowed her to see that as well as her physical problems, she also had a lot of pain and confusion after years of emotional abuse and negativity from both her parents. Cavenagh provided Rose with a Clinical Hynotherapist and a Nutritionist. The Hynotherapist helped Rose to understand how past events were still affecting her. Soon Rose realised that she had spent many years blaming her parents for her problems, but now she was finally ready to take control of her own life.

Rose had several sessions of Clinical Hypnotherapy and after five months she had lost almost a quarter of her original body weight.

Cavenagh helped Rose to find enough self confidence to both embark upon a new career within her organisation and a new relationship.

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