Mark, 31 year old IT Worker

Mark had been working for the same IT department since he’d left college 12 years earlier.

During his first 6 years, he’d been promoted twice but since then, he’d regularly been overlooked for further promotion.

Mark kept his anger to himself, although colleagues began to notice his moodiness and unhelpfulness. He had trouble sleeping and started drinking heavily. Matters came to a head when a female colleague criticised his work. Unable to deal rationally with the confrontation, Mark lashed out and insulted her. Thankfully he was then asked to discuss his behaviour with his boss, who advised him to seek help from Cavenagh.

Mark’s Cavenagh consultant used Psychotherapy to work through the childhood experiences which had severely affected Mark’s self confidence. She also used Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help Mark control his anger and improve his ability to communicate.

The outcome following treatment

Through working with Cavenagh, Mark was able to address the issues that had held him back for so long. Back at work he was much more positive, motivated and communicative and was soon rewarded with promotion.
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