Adele, 26 year old Procurement Manager

Adele had been working with her current employer for 8 years. She had started working for them as a Procurement Executive and had moved up the ladder within a short time to become the Procurement Manager.

She was thrilled, but there was one problem. Her new role required quite a bit of European travel on a monthly basis and she was terrified of flying.

Adele didn’t have a problem flying until she was 19. She had been on a holiday with some of her friends and during their flight back to the UK, they experienced very bad turbulence. The aircraft dropped suddenly and luggage fell out of the lockers. The turbulence was so bad that the flight had to divert and land in Spain. Adele had an anxious wait for a few hours until the weather had calmed down so they could continue the flight. For the rest of the journey Adele felt panicked, extremely anxious and she experienced heart palpitations and the sweats.

Subsequent to her holiday, and working in her new role, Adele’s employer required her to fly to Munich for a business meeting as part of the team who were procuring a new product from the German market. Adele felt so worried about flying that she phoned in sick on each occasion that she was due to fly, thus missing several important meetings.

The problem began to seriously affect her career.

Cavenagh provided Adele with a Clinical Hypnotherapist who used EFT Therapy. After just a few sessions, Adele found she was able to think about flying without feeling anxious and within a few months was able to board a flight again, with no feeling of panic at all. Adele’s former confidence had been restored which allowed her to progress unhindered in her career.

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