Jenna, 34 year old Civil Servant

Jenna had married when she was 22 and worked as a civil servant until she was 25. That was the year that she had given birth to her daughter Rosie.

Unfortunately, despite the birth being trouble free, Jenna began to suffer from postnatal depression and consequently never returned to her job within Government.

Jenna then developed agoraphobia, which meant that she could never leave the house. Her mother would do her weekly shop for her and her husband would take their daughter to see her friends and would take her on holiday. Jenna’s mum was retired and would spend the whole day with Jenna until her husband returned home from work. Jenna couldn’t bear to be alone or go outside and she didn’t even understand how her agoraphobia had manifested itself.

Cavenagh provided Jenna with a Psychotherapist, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Nutritionist. Jenna was able to work through the feelings from childhood, which had severely affected her confidence. It emerged that the root of her anxiety was her childhood. Her real father left the family home when she was 5 years old, having had an affair and this had affected her deeply.

Her mother then dated a few men, whom Jenna remembered hiding from. She also had her heart broken at 21, when her boyfriend left her to be with another woman.

A further part of Jenna’s problem was her postnatal depression, which no doubt made the agoraphobia worse. Working with the Cavenagh Nutritionist Jenna discovered that she was lacking a number of vitamins and minerals and that her hormones had become unbalanced.

Six months on, Jenna can now leave the house and do her weekly shop, she has also been on holiday with her daughter. Jenna made good, steady progress and has been able to return to work.

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