There are many benefits for the employee and employer for those companies that chose to contract Cavenagh’s services such as:
    Cavenagh works for individuals
  • They have earliest possible access to proven specialists in their locality
  • Sessions are available during or outside working hours
  • The costs are met by their employer, insurer or referrer
  • Consultations can be undertaken from the clinic, workplace or home
    Cavenagh works for public and private sector employers
  • It significantly reduces absenteeism, conflict, staff turnover, dismissal, recruitment and training costs
  • It significantly reduces lost working time
  • It increases staff performance, motivation and productivity
  • It is cost effective and provides a significant ROI
  • It improves communication, relationships and teamwork
  • It significantly reduces the organisation’s liability towards future litigation under duty of care legislation
  • It provides a single point of contact for all wellbeing and performance issues
  • Fees are fixed under their agreement with Cavenagh
  • Our services are unobtrusive, confidential and secure
    Cavenagh works for NHS referrers
  • It substantially reduces waiting lists and referral to treatment time
  • It provides psychological health services on a cost-effective basis
  • Provides joint management of cases through IAPT Case Management System
  • Supports DoH, IAPT and NICE principals, guidelines and practices
    Cavenagh works for insurers
  • They can add Cavenagh services to their policy benefits
  • Effective, prompt treatment significantly reduces eventual claim settlements
  • All client notes are paginated and professionally compiled by medically-qualified personnel

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Cavenagh inspires confidence
  • All consultants are highly qualified, vetted and security-cleared
  • All communications run through military-grade encrypted networks to ensure highly controlled access to information and integrity of service
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