Case Histories

Andy had been in the Police Force for three years. He was enjoying his career and progressing well.

Anna had been driving her family when her car collided head-on with another vehicle.

Julia always enjoyed the stress that went with her high-pressure job. But when she took up a more senior role in the organisation,

As a teacher, David had seen and dealt with his fair share of bullying amongst pupils.

Mark had been working for the same IT department since he’d left college 12 years earlier.

Four years after his long-term partner had left him, Jon continued to be deeply troubled by the break-up.

Rose was severely overweight and had built up a happy-go-lucky exterior to hide behind a strategy often used by many people in her position.

Steve had built a successful career in the fast-moving technology sector. He had suffered from ADHD all his life and had experienced

Adele had been working with her current employer for 8 years. She had started working for them as a Procurement Executive and had moved up the ladder within a short time to become the Procurement Manager.

Jenna had married when she was 22 and worked as a civil servant until she was 25. That was the year that she had given birth to her daughter Rosie.

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