Psychological Support services

Cavenagh provides a complete range of out-patient based Psychological Support services and early intervention programmes to reduce psychological distress to those individuals who are suffering.

Cavenagh delivers a full end-to-end solution to psychological health issues. This includes educating, informing, identifying, diagnosing, treating and providing on-going assistance, in support of DoH, IAPT and NICE principals, guidelines and clinical practices.

Our services are proven to be highly effective, are lightweight, unobtrusive, and extremely cost-effective to the organisations concerned.

Cavenagh enables individuals to leave negative beliefs and behaviours behind, strengthen their self-image and positive outlook in order to gain control of their lives and to achieve all that they can.

Cavenagh works to treat and assist any sufferer of psychological difficulties, irrespective of means and resources, building bridges between existing organisations within the psychological support field and is thus able to work independently across all sectors.

Cavenagh’s IAPT Patient & Case Management System is ISO 27001 accredited and is approved by the NHS, the DoH, Connecting for Health, IAPT and is currently used by over 40% of UK Primary Care Trusts across the UK for improving the delivery and management of Psychological therapies.

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