Stress Management

Stress is the feeling that overwhelms us when perceived or real pressures exceed what we imagine to be our ability to cope.

Cavenagh enables employers to offer troubled employees immediate, confidential access, to a local qualified consultant who can diagnose stress and help the employee to overcome it.

Notwithstanding the legislative requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act for employers to help protect their staff, work-related stress has a huge impact on an employee’s productivity and performance.

    Reducing stress at work will help:
  • Build the organisation’s reputation as an employer
  • Reduce lost working time and absenteeism
  • Increase job satisfaction and performance
  • Improve staff retention and increasing commitment
  • Improve customer satisfaction, since happier staff make for happier customers
  • Reduce litigation

Understanding stress

A little bit of stress can be good for us. It sharpens our reactions to danger and focuses our mind on our responsibilities. However, once stress gets out of hand and we fail to acknowledge or reduce it, it can consume our lives.

The best course of action is to seek the help needed from a qualified therapist. Cavenagh has over 2000 of these professionals around the UK ready to help.

Recognising stress

People present stress in different ways, but it’s generally characterised by irritability, anger, disrupted sleep, exhaustion, depression and social withdrawal.

The UK workforce works more hours per week than any other in the European Union.

Dealing with stress at work

There are powerful business reasons for employers to treat stress at work seriously. For instance bullying at work takes many forms, and is all too often suffered in silence. Cavenagh specialises in resolving these conflicts.

Recognising the causes of stress at work and having effective procedures in place to tackle these causes and manage the effects will have a significant impact on your workforce.


Case Histories

“Stress had taken its toll after years of working in a high pressure environment constantly having to hit targets. My performance and relationships were greatly affected and I felt completely unable to function and washed out. Cavenagh helped me restore my health, be more focused and really helped me raise my game.”

Jayne, Finance Manager

Causes of stress at work

“Stress is likely to become the most dangerous risk to business in the early part of the 21st century.”
- Health and Safety Executive

Cavenagh can help both employers and employees deal with stress at work.

The major causes for stress at work are:
  • Discrimination
  • Conflict or bullying
  • Long working hours
  • Change
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Illness and bereavement
  • Finances
Causes of stress at home

“75% of executives say that stress adversely affects their health, happiness and home life, as well as their performance at work.”
- Chartered Institute of Personnel Development 2010

Pressures at work often impact on home life and vice-versa.

The major causes for stress at home are:
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Babies and children
  • Illness and bereavement
  • Finances
  • Pressures from work
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