David, 38 year old Teacher

As a teacher, David had seen and dealt with his fair share of bullying amongst pupils.

What he hadn’t expected was to be a victim of bullying himself and at the hands of his Head of Department, Mike.


Although it was Mike who had appointed him, David soon began to feel uncomfortable in his company. David had brought a number of fresh ideas to the school like an after-school photography club and a debating society all of which had been successful.

Unfortunately Mike started belittling these achievements. David lost confidence in his abilities, and the stress began to affect his sleep and his personal relationships.

He complained to his Head Teacher, but with little success. So he approached his Union, who convinced the Head that conflict resolution was necessary. Cavenagh provided a consultant who worked separately and confidentially with both Mike and David to resolve their differences.

By the third session, Mike had begun to accept that he had behaved unreasonably, possibly because of a lack of confidence in his own abilities. The therapist helped Mike to focus on the positive contribution he could make as Head of Department. In separate sessions, the same consultant helped David to regain his lost confidence and improve his communication skills.

The outcome following treatment

David and Mike now work happily and effectively together. They even co-produced a successful school play.

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