Julia, 42 year old Programme Manager

Julia always enjoyed the stress that went with her high-pressure job. But when she took up a more senior role in the organisation,

she began to experience what she assumed were heart problems such as shortness of breath, palpitations, chest pains, dizziness and tingling fingers and toes.

The symptoms were so bad that on one occasion she took a taxi straight to hospital, fearing she was having a heart attack. But tests revealed there was nothing physically wrong with her.

Her GP diagnosed stress and her employer promptly referred her to Cavenagh, who provided her with one of their local specialists.

Julia learned about the sources of her health problems, including her irregular eating habits and long working hours, and the ways in which stress triggered her physical symptoms. She also learnt to recognise and deal with the kinds of situations that caused her to feel stressed.

The outcome following treatment

Julia returned to work with a new commitment to eating well, exercising regularly and managing her work priorities more effectively. She is now enjoying her new role at work as well as a more successful relationship with her partner.

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