Anna, 38 year old Marketing Manager

Anna had been driving her family when her car collided head-on with another vehicle.

Although the other car was on the wrong side of the road, she felt she could have reacted more quickly to avoid it. Her husband was the only casualty of the accident and he spent two years in recuperation.

14 months later, Anna and most distressing to her, the children, displayed typical symptoms of PTSD. Nightmares, insomnia, emotional detachment and recurring thoughts about the accident. In Anna’s case, there was also guilt. Anna’s employer put her in touch with Cavenagh who assigned Anna and her two children a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist who specialised in post-accident trauma and the treatment of children.

He used EMDR and Psychotherapy to enable them to reprocess the accident as an event in the past rather than one they constantly re-experienced and to help Anna to view the accident as terrible luck rather than her fault.

The outcome following treatment

Anna has now successfully returned to work and the family enjoys healthy and loving relationships with each other.
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