Andy, 41 year old Policeman

Andy had been in the Police Force for three years. He was enjoying his career and progressing well.

Late one night he was called to the scene of a road traffic accident,finding the two occupants of the first car dead, and the driver of the second car unconscious and seriously injured. Andy quickly administered first aid but, despite his best efforts, was unable to save him. He then had to stay on the scene until an ambulance arrived.

Andy tried to view the event as part of his job and went back to work the next day, but he kept returning to it in his mind. Before joining the police, Andy had served as a soldier in Northern Ireland and Bosnia. During his army career he had witnessed several atrocities but had always felt able to deal with them.

Following the road accident, however, his army experiences began to haunt him as well. He started drinking heavily and arguing with his wife. Eventually his boss advised him to take some time off and see a Cavenagh therapist, who diagnosed him with PTSD.

The outcome following treatment

Through a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Andy learnt to understand what had distressed him so profoundly, and to manage his thoughts and anxieties. Over time, he recovered his mental composure and duly returned to work. Now he’s able to talk about those experiences calmly and rationally and to perform his police duties with professionalism. He has also rebuilt his relationships with his wife, friends and family.
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